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Femdom Queening Erotica

Ms. Christine outlines a series of rules one should follow if they want to become a good oral slave for their femdom Mistress in Femdom Rules for being an Oral Slave

I love to make men my furniture. I’m sitting on a slave made office chair right now as I write this. With the right tools and the right slaves, human furniture can be sexy and fun. Read all about why You are the Best Furniture.

My Mistress demands things of me that I never knew I could do. She always expects so much of me and I always rise to the challenge even when I don’t think I’ll be successful. I feel like she’s saved my life and made me a better person. All by allowing me to be her recliner. Read all about it in Chair for My Mistress.

This is a special interview one of our Queening Mistresses agreed to do just for Be My Throne. She didn’t give away any secrets to how she gets men to beg to be her furniture, but all you have to do to figure that out is look at any of the beautiful and intelligent women here and you’ll know. She did tell me what she loves about it and how she started out sitting on and using men as furniture. Want to know? Continue reading An Interview with a Queen to find out.

To be able to successfully be a piece of living furniture, one must be able to be very still for long periods of time. I once had the great pleasure to have a carnival contortionist as a slave for a short time. He was very flexible. He was the best recliner I have ever had. Read more about My Human Furniture.

People choose to get in shape for a multitude of reasons. We all hear them on television all the time or read about them magazines. I chose to get in shape because I aspire to be human furniture for my Mistress. Continue reading Getting Furniture in Shape.

I had been a college professor for about five years when something completely out of the ordinary happened to me. ME! I am completely aware that this beautiful temptress was using me for her grades, but I still can’t help but to jerk off to the many afternoons that she would frequent my office. Continue reading Submissive Teacher Worships Student

The weekend after finals were over, I booked a hotel that was near an especially active part of the city, meaning there were plenty of bars within walking distance of our hotel. I knew this night would be a lot of fun and special, but I had NO clue what was really in store for us that night. Even now, I am a bit in disbelief at times when I think back on it. Continue reading Hotel Room Body Worship.

There are many tpes of body worship, but the NUMBER ONE rule about body worship is that body worship is ALL about your Femdom Mistress, and there is NO time limit on how long it will take for you to please her. You WILL work hard till you have thoroughly pleased her if you are good male submissive to your Mistress. Continue reading about the different Types of Body Worship.

When I had finally seduced them into my room, I instructed them to strip naked for me so that I could see what they had to offer me. Even though they were of average length and girth, you could tell they were nothing but awkward around women. God only knew what they’d be like in bed with a seductive MILF teaching them oral servitude!

Queening has grown increasingly popular as knowledge about (and interest in) the Femdom lifestyle has grown. We’ve put together this little guide to facesitting, so that you can become more familiar with the different variations of the practice.

A few years ago, I agreed to meet a man who wanted to be one of my subs. I was between free lance jobs and had the time to take another sub to train, so I was more than happy to have an eager, new sub teach and dominate to my heart’s content. Continue reading Taking on a New Facesitting Sub.

Being given the opportunity to be a throne or other furniture for your Femdom Mistress is an honor that many slaves wish would be given to them and often isn’t. This is because we Mistresses are perfectionists. We detest things that fall apart or aren’t steady. If something isn’t done right then why do it at all! Do you have what it takes to become human furniture? Read Beginner’s Guide to Human Furniture to find out.

While skimming the adds I saw in thick ornate letters, “Be My Throne” then something about meeting your Queen to control you. I don’t remember it clearly, because all I saw were those first three words, looking so different from all the others, the font extreme and attention grabbing. I did note that it said there would be try-outs and a number to call if you would like to audition. Read what happened in Can I be Your Throne?

Face sitting is last thing I have them do before they are full slaves. I love face sitting and I will do smothering under certain controlled situations. I like to use a smothering box for these situations. Read Smothering versus Face Sitting to learn more about these two types of oral servitude.

After he filled me up, I gave myself a few moments to recover, then I slid off his cock. Before he had time to react, I’d reversed positions and was sitting on his face! He was shocked! Continue reading A Queening and Creampie Feeding Story.

After she’s taken her seat on my face, before she gives me permission to begin, I just lie underneath her and inhale deeply, smelling the sweet scent of her womanly essence. Continue reading Ass and Pussy Worship.

She had me kneel at her feet, which I did happily. I waited for her to start removing her hose, but no. She just sat down in front of me and told me to take off her shoes, which I did. Then, she held one nylon-clad foot with a look on her face that said it all. Continue reading Body Worship in Pantyhose.

Cuckolding can be the perfect way for your wife, lover, or Mistress to experience the primal, earth-shattering sex that she deserves, only to be followed by you kissing and licking up the mess like a good cream pie clean up boy. Continue reading about it in Cuckold Body Worship.

Queening can also be humiliating and objectifying if the Femdom Mistress chooses to make it so. She may use facesitting objectification as a punishment for a wayward sub, or she may use it simply because she, her sub, or both are turned on by erotic humiliation. Continue reading Facesitting as Objectification.