My Human Furniture


I love human furniture! All of the furniture in my den breathes, and I don’t mean like a pair of good running shoes. No, I mean it all breathes as in respiration. See, all of the furniture in my den is human.

Let me explain. I am a dominatrix who keeps men as slaves. Even though I call them slaves, their occasional captivity is totally consensual. I choose slaves who have regular lives with normal jobs. I find that the slaves who make slavery their reason for living are not well adjusted enough for my needs as a Mistress. 

Their choices are by no means wrong or flawed. I feel that they are just not right for my stable. For my purposes and pleasure I keep some 15-20 slaves at any given time. Each one is taken on for a specific task. I hire very healthy twenty-somethings to be my furniture because this is a daunting task. I choose older, more experienced men for other tasks such as face sitting.


Oh I Want Human Furniture Too!


I decided to start having my slaves be my furniture after I saw the human furniture of another Femdom Mistress. She was a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a while when she called me up one afternoon and asked if I would like to come over for coffee and pie. I agreed and went over to her house. The first one I saw was her coffee table. I had heard about this kind of thing, but had never witnessed it.

I was enthralled. I saw that the man could perfectly balance two coffee cups and a tray of apple pie slices on his back. He never moved. He barely took a breath. She then pointed out that the lamp by her sofa was one of her slaves. I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t said something. She also showed me her breathing easy chair and dining room table. What I saw fascinated me and by the time I left her house I knew that this would be my next Domme adventure.


Décor Based on Ability


To be able to successfully be a piece of living furniture, one must be able to be very still for long periods of time. I once had the great pleasure to have a carnival contortionist as a slave for a short time. He was very flexible. He was the best recliner I have ever had. But he decided that he could not stay with me and be my slave for long. I was forced to let him go. But I’ve found other men who were also able to satisfy me.

I don’t have any set type of furniture I must have. I do like to keep a capable and comfortable recliner around, however. I love naturally heated chairs. There simply is no substitute. The rest of my décor changes as my slaves and their abilities change. Right now I have a group of long time slaves that are very loyal and happy with their lots in life. I have a comfy foot stool and a nice coat rack.

I also have a great bookshelf that hands me the books I want. I like the mobile dining room which is so easy to change, but I haven’t ever been happy with how a sofa turns out. It seems too difficult to do for a long period of time. I’ve tried desks, shelves and television stands. If found the best pieces are the ones where nothing is held in such a way where the arms get tired. Even the strongest person has trouble holding a television for hours on end.

I have one slave who holds a fan for me in the summer and lights a fire for me in the winter. Although this is not technically furniture, he does his duties with such mechanical precision that I forget he is a real person standing in my living room. He always dresses in complete black and stands so quietly that it’s like he isn’t there. He stands still for hours.

The only thing that makes anyone realize he’s alive is his breathing, which is really slow and even, no matter what. I have never regretted my decision to have human furniture. Granted, there are safety concerns that must be addressed for the wellbeing of my slaves and my own piece of mind, but that is only a small consideration. My slaves have brought me great happiness and deep sexual satisfaction over the years, not to mention how much money I’ve saved in decorations for my house.


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