Getting in Human Furniture Shape


If you want to be human furniture, you must be in tip-top shape. If you aren’t already, and you want to serve Mistress in this way, you must get yourself into shape.

People choose to get in shape for a multitude of reasons. We all hear them on television all the time or read about them magazines. Anyone who is physically fit is more than happy to sit down for an in depth interview with just about any television host, to talk at length about how they did it and more importantly why they did it.

For most it’s something shallow and obvious like they needed to fit into a pair of jeans or wanted to impress at a high school reunion. Some had health problems and had to get in shape. Some doctor sat them down and in a somber voice explained to them that if they did not change their eating ways and get in better shape they would wish they had. There are even some now who do it for money or fame.

Whatever the reason, we all listen with rapt attention and learn all the how’s and whys so we can do it for ourselves. I was one of those people and honestly, I never cared all that much, until I heard someone talking about working out to gain flexibility. Now this got my attention.


Flexibility is Important for Human Furniture


I have yours now too don’t I? You are wondering why the hell being flexible was most important to me. Let me tell you, it’s because I’m already in what most would consider pretty good shape. I’ve always worked out and watched my weight. I’ve got a fast metabolism but I still pay attention to what I eat and do my dead level best to stick to a decent diet.

After all we live in a very visual world and I love to have someone with a tight hot body as much as anyone else does, so I figured the least I could do is try to be somewhere near what I would expect. Well this is why none of the wow I got in shape stories every really touched me. But getting more flexible, now that I needed and as fast as possible.

When they started talking about reaching and stretching and kicks with ankle weights on and learning to do all the things my body could do if my muscles were just more relaxed. Well that, along with promises of stamina, really made me want to hop up and start reaching for the sky.


I Aspire to Be Perfect Furniture


You still want to know why don’t you? It’s okay, I’m being vague on purpose so I can hit you with the big reveal now. You see, I aspire to be human furniture for my Phone Sex Mistress. You read that right, but I can wait while you re-read if you’d like. I want to be a chair, table, foot stool, carpet or just about anything that my Mistress needs me to be.

While my ultimate goal is to be a throne for her glorious ass to rest upon, I can settle for a foot stool or table until I’m able to make her truly happy as a throne. But even being a foot stool requires stamina and flexibility, this isn’t a fetish you can enter into lightly.

Some sexual fetish needs are simple, you purchase toys or clothing and you are all set. Maybe you just get some lube and a video cam. But to be human furniture to truly have the chance to be her throne, you have to work for it.

Being flexible and able to hold a position are paramount. First of all, no Mistress will tolerate a wiggling table and while you may not think it’s hard to be on your hands and knees with a flat tray on your back acting as a side table, that is only because you haven’t done it.

There is not rest, no weaving around, nothing that. You must not do anything to cause her drink to slosh about. And even more so if you are her foot stool or throne. The position you need to be in to give her the most comfort and pleasure may not be one that is necessarily comfortable for you.

Many Mistresses will not even allow you to audition for the position of head slave and therefore human furniture throne until you have proven that you can be a table or footstool for lengthy periods of time. Maybe even an entire evening for a party.

I challenge you to try it, then you will see how incredibly important it is to be not only flexible but able to hold your position for long periods of time. Trust me, it’s not easy. Now, I am off to the gym to prepare for my session tonight.


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