Can I Be Your Human Throne?


I love being a human throne for my Femdom Mistress! Once upon a time I was just a man, not a special man, not a man with any specific purpose that seemed more important than any one else.

I spent my days like many of you do now, I would get up and shower, get myself ready for a day at the office. I’m no worker drone, I’m the boss. Not the big boss of course, but I have people who answer to me and get their orders from me, so I am a boss, but not one who is special. I get those orders I give from someone else and felt like a good cog in a big wheel. It worked though, until I discovered there could be more. That I could be something more, something transformed.


Answering the Ad to be Human Furniture


It was really simple and innocent, an add on the internet for a human throne – Yes, I know, those aren’t safe and I was lucky. In fact, let me caution you now against ever responding to one, because you just never know what might happen. I did though. I didn’t plan to respond to anything, I was on my lunch break, sitting at my desk and randomly surfing the net. I had watched something about women who promote themselves for sex online when watching the news the night before, so I decided to see if it really was THAT easy to find a woman who wanted a man for sex.

It seemed to me that finding a woman wasn’t all that simple, at least not for me. I was decent enough looking, kinda submissive sexually, so I wanted a decent looking woman who liked to be in charge. This is not a simple request.

So, I started looking and that’s when it happened. While skimming the adds I saw in thick ornate letters, “Be My Human Throne” then something about meeting your Queen to control you. I don’t remember it clearly, because all I saw were those first three words, looking so different from all the others, the font extreme and attention grabbing. I did note that it said there would be try-outs and a number to call if you would like to audition. No experience necessary.

Obviously I called. You knew that was coming from my story, but I honestly didn’t. I laughed to myself, closed the window and obsessed over it all day. Once I got home, I checked again and was dialing the number before I even knew I had decided to call. Her voice was sultry, with a bit of an accent I couldn’t place and she called herself Georgina.

That name sounded royal to me and I was excited, thinking of her being a Queen. My Queen. She told me where I needed to be and when and gave me details about what to wear as well as a tease about what I would be doing, by mentioning her sincere hope that I did not have a lazy tongue.

My cock was twitching and I suddenly had a purpose. The world seemed brighter and like everything was more in focus as I prepared to run and errand to a store I’d never been to before. A fetish store. Since she had said I was required to wear leather underwear.


Auditioning to be a Human Throne


Let me say that it never once occurred to me to pause or think or anything else. I simply headed on over to the local sex shop, picked up some leather panties for men and went home to wait nervously for my designated time to be close enough for me to leave and head to the address she’d given me.

The address turned out to be a beautiful huge old house, surrounded by a high wrought iron fence with a gate I had to be buzzed through. I got there as she was climbing off another potential throne. He had passed out, but seemed fine otherwise. She spoke not to me, but to the buxom red head in the tiny French maid uniform who had let me in. “Wake him up and tell him he didn’t make the cut.” she said and then turned to me.

Her eyes were impossibly blue and her hair jet black. Tall and curvy this was not a small woman, though not overweight in anyway. She was simply curvaceous. Her breasts large and heavy and her waist, where her red robe was cinched very small. She motioned me over and told me to strip and hand my things to the girl who was almost bursting from her uniform.

My cock was hard already and she looked me up and down in the leather underwear. “If you cum before me, you are cut. If you pass out, you are cut. If you stop before I cum, you are cut.” she said, her accent more pronounced as she dropped the robe, standing naked before me.

Then she looked at me expectantly and I said the words she’d told me on the phone, “Can I Be Your Human Throne?” She smiled and I trembled and forced myself to follow where she was now pointing with my eyes. I sat on the floor, tilting my head back into a softly padded groove, positioning my face in the middle of the chair. She came over then and sat down, telling me to lick.

My lips were right where they needed to be to pleasure her and she moaned as I began. “This is round one. If you make it through, I’ll allow you on to round two of auditions to be my throne. Now lick.”


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