Panythose Worship: Body Worship…In Pantyhose


I have a small confession. I love pantyhose worship and body worship in pantyhose! I’ve always had a thing for women in nylons. I’m not sure why it’s always turned me on, but it has. This has gone on for years and years, so I’m sure it’s not going to change anytime soon.

And while all nylons are nice, my real love is for pantyhose. They just look so sexy, don’t you think? I like the nice, sheer ones that don’t obscure the woman’s legs in any way but make them look all sleek and shiny. And I love the way the nylon skims over her hips and butt and tummy. Mmm, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Anyway, I’m telling you this because it’s very significant in the story I’m about tell you. Several years ago, I had the privilege of playing with a beautiful and well-known, well-respected Mistress who just so happened to be fully aware of my pantyhose fetish. And, boy, did she use it to tease and torment me into a sexual frenzy!

Mistress M. was an older lady, a mature Mistress. She was one of those older ladies who wore pantyhose because she’d always worn them, not because they were a fetish item. I think that made her wearing them that much hotter for me.


Pantyhose Worship: Nylon Fetish Indulged


Mistress M. and I were playing together in her “dungeon,” which was actually a specially designed room in her basement, one night. She was wearing her ubiquitous pantyhose, and I was drooling over them, as usual, like only a nylon slut can. It turned out that that night Mistress M. had decided we needed to do a body worship scene together, since we hadn’t done one yet. I felt a little ambivalent about it. I wanted to worship her body, but I was sad because I knew it meant she’d have to take off her pantyhose.

Oh, how wrong I was! Mistress M. had my number from the start.

She had me kneel at her feet, which I did happily. I waited for her to start removing her hose, but no. She just sat down in front of me and told me to take off her shoes, which I did. Then, she held one nylon-clad foot with a look on her face that said she expected foot worship. I can’t tell you how excited I was that she left those pantyhose on!

After I worshipped both her lovely feet for awhile, she gave me permission to travel upward for some leg worship. This was even more exciting, as you can imagine, because I was able to touch and kiss great swaths of nylon-clad leg!


Queening By Pantyhose-Wearing Femdom


I worshipped every inch of her feet and legs, but when I got to the hem of her skirt, I figured our playtime was nearly over. Much to my surprise, however, Mistress M. had me lie down on the floor. She hiked her skirt up over her hips, and I thought I knew what was next. She was going to take her pantyhose off and sit on my face!

Well, that’s not exactly how it worked. She did, in fact, sit on my face. But she didn’t take her pantyhose off before she did it. She plopped her pantyhose-encased ass right on my face for a little queening!

My cock was going nuts at this point. I think there was so much blood flowing to it that it was threatening to short-circuit my brain. So you’ll have to forgive me if my memory is a little hazy about what happened after she told me that she wanted me to demonstrate my best pussy and ass worship skills while she sat on my face wearing those pantyhose!

Oh, that was one wild night. And I’d give anything to experience another one like it again. I never thought that pantyhose throning was something people did before that night, but afterwards, I just couldn’t get enough.

And you know the best part? When it was over, Mistress M. gave me the pair of pantyhose she was wearing and told me I could keep them. I still have them in my dresser drawer after all these years, and I still pull them out every now and then while I masturbate, just to remember!