Cuckold Body Worship


Every man who has learned to come to terms with his own sexual shortcomings has also come to terms with the fact that he could never please his wife, thus learning to love cuckold body worship. No matter how hard this man tries to please his woman through general body worship, pussy worship, and even ass worship he will always fall just slightly short of victory. There is really only one thing that can properly supplement his desperate attempts to please her though body worship and that is to agree to become her cuckold.

Cuckolding you is the best way for your wife to get the real pleasure that she deserves from a real man who has NO sexual shortcomings, unlike yourself. It is really the only right thing to do as a loving, eager to please male submissive. This does not mean that as a male submissive you are no longer of any use, which is a common misunderstanding.

Cuckolding can be the perfect way for your wife, lover, or Mistress to experience the primal, earth-shattering sex that she deserves, only to be followed by you kissing and licking up the mess like a good cream pie clean up boy. This is why body worship and cuckolding go so well together. 


How A Cuckold Body Worship Night Goes


I suppose most of you are interested in how a typical “night” would go with a couple who engaged in cuckolding and body worship in conjunction. A cuckold Mistress and her male submissive have a very intimate relationship, which makes every part of the day before a “big night out” or before her “date” comes over very special and almost ritualistic. In fact, the entire night has the same overall format, although the intricate details may shift and change to keep things constantly interesting, but here is a quick breakdown.

This body worship ritual starts long before the time of the date. Generally speaking, women who cuckold their husbands or lovers have an above-average sexual appetite. This very important to remember as you may be asked to perform Mistress body worship as soon as your lovely Mistress awakens that morning. You will notice that on the mornings that your Femdom is anticipating a cuckold meeting she will be especially exuberant in getting pleasure from your tongue several times before she sends you to draw her hot bath.

Once the bath is ready, you will make sure that your Mistress has the plushest towels available to her after her bath. You’ll spend this time performing further body worship by bathing your Mistress. This is a very sensual and erotic time for you both as you are both submerged in the hot bubble bath and you caress her soft, soapy skin.

This is also a time for you to worship her by massaging her body and gently massaging her scalp while you wash her hair. This is one of the most sensual forms of body worship there is, and your skills will need to be thorough and adequate in cleaning your Femdom Mistress.



Getting Your Mistress Ready For Her Cuckold Bull


After you have worshipped your Mistress’s body till she has grown tired of your attentions, you will help her out of the bath and dry her off so that she may continue to get ready. At this point she will sit at her makeup table to do her makeup and fix her hair.

Your job is to lovingly rub her feet as she primps herself for her upgraded suitor. You will also help her carefully get dressed in a sexy and seductive outfit for her cuckold stud, an outfit that makes your dick instantly hard the second you see her lovely body in it.

After your body worship Mistress is completely dressed and ready, you both will meet her cuckold lover. You will act as the butler as they chat lightly over wine, flirting and teasing one another.

It’ll be all you can do to control your urges as you watch your cuckold Mistress take the cock of her lover between her lips, but lucky for you, there is a place just under her so that you can worship her pussy while she queens you!

You will be allowed to continue your body worship routine right up till your Mistress’s lover takes control and starts to fuck her in the ways you have only imagined of fucking a woman.

You will watch as she squirms and squeals out in pure ecstasy from her lover. You may be allowed to jerk yourself as you watch your lover come closer and closer to orgasm, knowing that you must finish up your cuckold body worship by licking out that hot cream pie from her wet pussy!


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