Beginners Guide To Being Human Furniture


Would you like to learn more about being human furniture? Being given the opportunity to be a throne or other furniture for your Mistress is an honor that many slaves wish would be given to them and often isn’t. This is because we Mistresses are perfectionists. We detest things that fall apart or aren’t steady.

If something isn’t done right then why do it at all! This goes for the actions of slaves specifically. We expect you to maintain whatever position we put you in and are often disappointed when you aren’t able to do so. This is important to remember when preparing to approach your about starting training in being human furniture for her.

So, lets start there. This is not easy! You may be thinking that positioning yourself on your hands and knees in front of your Mistress as a footstool would be incredibly simple physically. You’ve been on your hands and knees before, maybe even for long periods of time, but this is different.

You would be required to hold still. Yes, I know you think that you do, but you don’t. Normally you shift your weight, even slightly, from knee to knee, hand to knee whatever you need to subtly adjust to make the position bearable. This isn’t acceptable if you are furniture. You must be as still as possible and that is not easy, especially not if you ever want to be more than a rug.


Hold Very Still


Holding your body in one position, no matter what that position may be is called Static Contraction. That is contraction of the muscle without movement. This is more difficult than it would be to lift and lower your Mistress again and again for the same amount of time. You see when you move, some muscles engage while others rest and vice versa.

But when you are still, those muscles become the only ones working and exhaustion soon sets in. So you must prepare yourself to be able to withstand kneeling, doggy style, for long periods of time. Parties thrown by Mistresses can go all night long and if you are a footstool or end table, with a pillow or flat pane of glass on top of you to balance drinks or feet, you will be expected to maintain that position throughout the party.

You would be the furniture after all and think of the mess were you to slip in your job as drink table or dinner service? There would be drinks or finger foods or both all over and your Mistress would be furious and punish you in a way that would not be pleasurable or erotic, possibly even banishing you from her site.


Being Human Furniture: Rug, Table, or Chair?


So you need to know some things. First of all, what piece of furniture do you want to learn to be. Being tied and ignored as a rug, where you are possibly stepped on once in awhile or possibly ignored for hours, is difficult but not compared to crouched and kneeling as a table, holding still enough to have something balanced on your back and then food and drinks put on top of that.

That requires both strength and flexibility and is not something you can do without practice. This goes for being a throne especially. A chair for your mistress requires the same balance and flexibility that the others do, but also requires you to be able to perform while in this position. After all, what good is a human face to sit on if you can’t pleasure your Mistress while she sits. She may at times just use you as a chair, but you must be ready with your mouth when she decides to have you do something extra.


How Long Can You Go?


I highly recommend, you start working out. Build up your stamina for holding a position as the furniture you wish you to be. Then when you can comfortably hold a position for a few hours at least, start doing it with a piece of paper balanced on you. Every time it wiggles more than slightly, start over with the timing of your ability to hold the position.

After all you will be required to be still. Then practice controlling your breathing. Breathe as little and as slowly as possible, you want to be furniture after all and furniture doesn’t get the luxury of breathing and moaning and being uncomfortable. This is the beginning. When you can do this perfectly for a least a couple of hours, you must then start again with a weight on your chest or back.

This is important as feet, glass table tops and drinks, and even your beautiful Mistress weigh anywhere from five pounds to over a hundred pounds. Do not expect her to hold up any of her own weight when she sits on your face or back. This is your job as the furniture to hold up whomever or whatever sits on you. Remember your Mistress will test you by having one of her larger friends sit on you as well. Or Perhaps putting a case of Wine bottles on the you table and leaving them there just to see if you can hold them without them clinking together.

Do not enter into this lightly. It is incredibly erotic and wonderful to be used by a Mistress in this way, but as I said, we are perfectionists and expect nothing less!


Do you love the idea of being human furniture? Give one of our Femdom Mistresses a call, today!