Facesitting As Objectification


What is Queening or Facesitting? Simply put, queening is when a Femdom sits on her submissive’s face. This can be done for sexual purposes or to remind the sub who is really in control in the relationship.

Queening, or facesitting as it is also known, can be a very intimate encounter between two people, especially if the Mistress chooses to be naked and to have the sub incorporate pussy and/or ass worship into the session.

On the other hand, queening (or throning) can also be very humiliating and objectifying if the Mistress chooses to make it so. She may use facesitting objectification as a punishment for a wayward sub, or she may use it simply because she, her sub, or both are turned on by erotic humiliation.


What’s So Objectifying About Throning?


How can a Mistress use throning in an objectifying way? There are actually several ways that she may do this. Perhaps the most basic way for her to objectify her sub with queening is to sit on his face fully clothed so that he can’t lick or worship her nether regions while he lies beneath her.

In addition to denying him this pleasure, if she chooses the standard facesitting position, which puts her looking away from his body while she parks herself on his face, she can more or less ignore him completely. In this way, he becomes nothing more to her than a piece of furniture, a place for her to rest her body.

She may choose to bind his hands and feet in order to heighten his sense of helplessness, or she may leave him unbound while she uses his face as her stool. It can be very humiliating for a slave to be used as furniture…and very arousing as well.



Queening Gets Even More Humiliating


Sometimes, however, just using a man as furniture is not quite enough for the Femdom Mistress. If she wants to up the humiliation level even more, she may decide to remove the clothes on the lower half of her body (or else just take off her panties and hike her skirt up) before she sits down on her sub’s face. At first, this may seem like a regular queening session, but it’s the way she treats him while she’s sitting there that distinguishes it from any other form of facesitting.

If she ignores him as described above while he is worshipping her ass and pussy, it is most certainly a form of objectification. Her lack of response can be awfully humiliating for the sub underneath her who is trying his best to please her.

If he doesn’t get any sort of feedback after a while, he may start to think he is completely unable to satisfy her. This type of objectification goes along very well with small penis humiliation because the Mistress can make her sub feel like he is as inadequate at oral Femdom body worship as he is at sex!

This is doubly true if she does something else that is completely unrelated to sex while she sits on his face. She might enjoy reading or watching TV while sitting there and totally ignoring him. The sub, of course, will be humiliated by the fact that the book or the television appears to be more engrossing than his oral ministrations.

Another possibility for objectification during throning is the Mistress using the sub’s face as her chair while she is working. Of course, this will require privacy, so she will either have to work at home or else bring some of her work home with her from the office. It is quite humbling for a man to be used as a piece of furniture while his Mistress completes her work for the day.

It is even more humbling when he is trying his best to orally please her while she works. He will feel very objectified when the only sound he hears from her is the “tap, tap, tap” of her fingers on the keyboard of her laptop or her “professional” voice as she talks on the phone to her colleagues or clients.

There are, of course, many other ways that a Femdom can use queening as a form of objectification. We have only listed a few of them here. Which are your favorites?