Queening Methods


Queening is, at its most basic, a practice in which a woman sits on a man’s face. She may be clothed, nude, or semi-nude. There are several different techniques that she can use during facesitting to heighten different aspects of the experience for both herself and the man beneath her.

Queening is sometimes known as throning, a play on words that is meant to signify the man’s place as the “Queen’s” throne. This position is very much an overt display of dominance on the part of the woman. In addition to being “above” him in the sense that she is the one who is control, she is also physically putting the submissive male underneath her, which further reinforces his position in relation to her.

For this reason, queening has grown increasingly popular as knowledge about (and interest in) the Femdom lifestyle has grown. We’ve put together this little guide to facesitting, so that you can become more familiar with the different variations of the practice. You may even find an idea or two that you would like to share with your Mistress!


“Regular” Facesitting Vs. Reverse Facesitting


There are two basic positions a Mistress may use for queening. Any other positions that are more complex are simply variations on these two basic ones.

The first is what’s considered the “standard” facesitting position. The Femdom sits on the man’s face with her body facing away from his. When she uses this position, only her most private areas will touch her partner. This position is considered best for pussy worship, as the way her body is situated on her partner’s face usually puts her pussy closest to his mouth. It’s also a good position for objectification, since she is not even looking at him while he worships her! She may read a book, watch TV, or any number of things while completely ignoring the man whose face she is using as a chair if she so chooses.

The other position is called “reverse facesitting.” It is exactly what it sounds like: The Mistress sits astride the submissive’s face in the opposite direction of standard facesitting; her body is facing his. Accordingly, the reverse position is considered best for ass worship because the sitter’s ass is placed on or near the submissive partner’s mouth. In this position, the Femdom may tease the man whose face she is sitting on. After all, all she has to do is lean forward just a bit to wrap her hand around his cock…and also make her ass even more accessible to her worshipper.


Elegant Facesitting Vs. Power Facesitting


In addition to the different positions used for queening, there is also a classification of facesitting styles. Most of the styles fall into one of two camps: elegant facesitting or power facesitting.

In elegant facesitting, the Femdom Mistress perches daintily on the submissive’s face. It does not have to be a precarious position, however; she can sit comfortably like this. When the Mistress sits lightly on her submissive’s face, it gives him easy access to her pussy and her ass. He is able to move freely underneath her in order to give her pleasure, which is something both of them appreciate.

Power facesitting is the complete opposite. Often, power facesitting is not about body worship at all. Instead, a Mistress may use power facesitting to reinforce her dominance over her submissive by pinning him down and trapping him underneath her body. If this is done with sufficient force, he will not be able to worship her! He will only be able to lie there helplessly as she presses her weight against his face. So-called “smothering” often takes place during a power facesitting position.


Queening That Is Not Facesitting At All


Queening and facesitting are usually thought of to be different terms for the same thing. But when a Mistress uses a piece of furniture such as a queening stool or a smotherbox to facilitate her queening session, it is not technically facesitting because she is sitting on the furniture rather than on the submissive’s face.

Why might a Femdom Mistress choose a piece of dungeon furniture in lieu of just sitting on the man’s face? Well, some ladies find that the physical demands of facesitting make it uncomfortable or even impossible to sustain over extended periods of time. A queening stool does not force her joints into such extreme positions, so she is able to extend the session much longer than she could without the furniture. She may also enjoy depriving her submissive of the weight of her body or of most of the physical contact between the two of them, thus objectifying him further.