Types Of Body Worship


There is rarely a Femdom Mistress, even a mean Mistress who would be opposed to a slave who was well-trained in body worship. The primary reason that your Mistress will adore your body worship skills is because with this particular fetish it is ALL about her and her pleasure. A male submissive should always have in mind that the desires of his Femdom Mistress are much more important than his own, which is one reason he should DELIGHT in his opportunity to learn as much as possible so that he can please his Mistress during each and every session of Mistress worship.

Body worship is something that every submissive man should master. There are many types and ways to worship, all of which have their own unique factors, despite their many common similarities. It is imperative that a male submissive not just become well-trained in the different forms of body worship, but also learn to love and long to perform femdom worship.

The types of worship are all very closely related, but each form has its own intricacies that the male submissive should become adept in performing. The NUMBER ONE rule about body worship is that body worship is ALL about your Femdom Mistress, and there is NO time limit on how long it will take for you to please her. You WILL work hard till you have thoroughly pleased her if you are good male submissive to your Mistress.

Keeping the two main rules in mind, below are a few short explanations of the types of body worship:


General Body Worship


This is a general explanation of body worship. When you are worshipping your Femdom Mistress’s body in this way, you are usually not allowed to come into direct contact with her delicate, sexual parts. You are to keep your hands, lips, and tongue away from the sweet spots that you so desire to taste. General body worship is about showing your Mistress exactly how much you adore her body and how grateful you are that she allows you to touch, let alone worship her.

A full-body massage is typically incorporated into general body worship, but this is a sensual and erotic body massage. You will be allowed to kiss her delicate skin while you help her relax with a long, slow massage. Most male submissives become aroused just from the feeling of their Mistress’s soft skin against theirs, which is only further motivation to please her! Generally, worshiping the body is seductive, sensual, and slow, so take your time and enjoy every inch of your Mistress’s body.


Foot/Leg Worship


Foot and leg worship is a type of worshiping the body that focuses mainly on the feet and/or legs of the Femdom Mistress. This type of body worship is generally the interest of slaves with a foot fetish or a leg fetish, but is sometimes extended to those submissives with a stocking or shoe fetish. Sometimes, foot worship is even used as a form of sensual humiliation when the male submissive finds it especially humiliating to orally worship the toes and feet of his Mistress.


Pussy Worship


Pussy worship is one of those times that a Mistress might choose to use queening. During pussy worship, you must remember to not get too greedy. You MUST take your time and just keep reminding yourself that this is all part of your Mistress body worship. The average male submissive tends to get overexcited at the thought of being allowed to lick his Mistress’s pussy and forgets that he should be carefully reading her body language and adjusting his techniques in ways that will completely please her. The object of pussy worship is not to rush her to one disappointing orgasm, but to wonderful multiple orgasms!


Ass Worship


There are many men who have an ass worship fetish and desire to truly worship a woman’s perfect ass. Ass worship is a very intimate and slightly kinkier form of body worship in which a Mistress may also choose to use throning, much as in pussy worship.

The male submissive will often begin by kissing, rubbing and licking all over his femdom Mistress’s ass, tasting her skin and caressing her ass delicately. He will usually beg for permission to lick his Mistress’s asshole, and if denied, will go back to worshipping his Mistress’s ass again while begging between kisses. When the Femdom Mistress gives the male submissive permission, he will lick all around her asshole before pushing his tongue deep inside of her, tasting and worshiping her in the most intimate and kinky of ways.

There is no need for a formal class in worshiping the female body to please your Femdom. You just need the proper attitude and desire!


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