Hotel Room Body Worship


This is a story about a hotel body worship experience.  Let’s see, where do I begin…

Everyone knows that in a sorority you have “Big Sorority Sis’” and “Little Sorority Sis’” and it is a pretty big deal. Big sis’ or “Bigs” and their respective Little Sis or “Little” tend to get very close and spend a lot of time together throughout their college years. These relationships often will last for years after the individuals have graduated and moved away!

My sorority sis and I had grown exceptionally close over the past year and a half since I had taken her as my little in our sorority. It was really insane how much we had in common and how much alike we were from the very beginning. We both had always gotten what we wanted, and we both knew that it was because we had exceptional bodies that men lusted after. We obviously used this knowledge to our advantage time and time again.

This particular incident occurred around my little’s twenty-first birthday. She had been bummed out that she couldn’t go bar hopping like she had always wanted to on her twenty-first because we had finals. Fortunately, I knew the best way to cheer her up. The weekend after finals were over, I booked a hotel that was near an especially active part of the city, meaning there were plenty of bars within walking distance of our hotel. I knew this night would be a lot of fun and special, but I had NO clue what was really in store for us that night. Even now, I am a bit in disbelief at times when I think back on it.


Fun Weekend For Two Sexy Princesses


I kept this surprise all week, only telling Nicole that she should pack a bag of cute clubbing clothes, along with something hot but comfortable for a day for shopping. She questioned me curiously all week, but I refused to tell her. As soon as she saw which way I started driving on the interstate, though, she figured it out and let out an excited squeal! She reminded me that I was the most amazing big sis ever, once again for probably the hundredth time that year.

We got to the hotel and proceeded to get dressed to head out to the club…and you know that two hot sorority sis had to make sure that they were looking intensely sexy that night. Our intention was to not pay for a single drink all night, and we never did, either! At the first club that we hit up, a couple of nerdy but cute boys approached us, offering to buy us drinks and, of course, we accepted this offer. Nicole and I teased the boys and flirted with them as they continued to become more and more submissive to our every wish. We could tell that they had never gotten attention from girls like us before. We decided that we should take these two nerdy boys back to our hotel and make a fun night even more exciting and fulfilling!


Teaching Body Worship 101


Before we all had even arrived back at our hotel room, Nicole and I had already decided silently that these boys needed lessons in body worship 101. We asked them to have a seat on the two double beds. Nicole and I slipped into the large bathroom and changed into the sexiest lingerie that we had brought with us, knowing that the boys would NOT be able to ree us! When we walked out, we saw both of the boys’ jaws drop as they stared at our perfect bodies. That was when we both crawled up on the beds and laid back, instructing the boys that they could earn the potential for sex with us if they performed body worship to our standards.

The two boys went wild, kissing all over our bodies and lightly rubbing their hands across our subtle curves. It was almost as if someone had trained them in Mistress body worship, but we knew it was really that they had been daydreaming of a chance to touch, caress, and worship girls like us for years. These boys lapped eagerly at our skin like it was coated in a tasty nectar. They repeated over and over how gorgeous we were and begged for permission to lick our perfect pink pussies.

After they had spent some time doing nothing but body worship in general, which was driving them sexually crazy, we allowed them to bury their faces into our pussies and lick and suck us to not just one but many orgasms. It was like they never wanted to stop licking our pussies during that throning session. After awhile we had to slide off their faces and push them away, just so that we could get some rest before another busy day!