Teaching Tenants Body Worship 101


I am an expert at teaching body worship 101. You see, I have been renting out the room above my garage for years now. In fact, I think my husband and I have been renting that apartment out for almost as long as we have lived here, and as you can imagine, we’ve had ALL kinds of tenants rent from us.

At first, most of our tenants were just complete jokes, but over time my husband started to travel more and more for work, leaving me alone. With me being the only one home the majority of the time, I was left with the task of renting out the apartment, which really turned out to my benefit quite a few times.

I would put out advertisements in a nearby college’s newspapers, offering up the apartment for rent with the added incentive that in exchange for manual chores, the tenants could get a discounted rent. This was intended to make it so that things that my husband never could “get around to” could finally get done, without us having to necessarily HIRE someone.

The first couple of tenants turned out to be both short term, only staying a semester each as they were about to graduate, but they definitely had no qualms about “living it up,” so to speak, for their last year in university. Both of these handsome young men noticed that I was left alone and would often perform their chores shirtless to show off their tan muscular bodies to me. In return, I would lounge by the pool in a skimpy bikini or on the deck, sipping margaritas in a pair of my shortest shorts and a tank top that was sure to show off my voluptuous tits.


Sexy MILF Thinks Tenants Need To Learn A Thing Or Two


It never took very long before these boys were flirting with me and even begging for a chance to worship my MILF body while my husband was away on business. They definitely did take care of me that summer, that is for sure. It started off innocently enough as they were so very shy. They would slowly apply tanning lotion to my skin, lingering longer than necessary to caress my skin adoringly. I knew that they were weak to me, and they could not deny their intense desires to perform body worship on me.

That was when I decided that it would be the perfect time to teach them a thing or two about pleasing women before they graduated from college and went off to make their own families; perhaps they could please their future wives better than my husband had been able to please me! I knew that since they were still somewhat young that they would most definitely need a body worship 101 lesson, and I was just the sexy, smoking hot MILF to teach them!

I am sure in a way everything about this summer was like some fantasy or some porn come to real life, a sexy MILF seducing them while they’re at her house mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool, but this was going to be so much more than that. When I had finally seduced them into my room, I instructed them to strip naked for me so that I could see what they had to offer me. Even though they were of average length and girth, you could tell they were nothing but awkward around women. God only knew what they’d be like in bed with a seductive MILF.


Queening As A Reward For Learning The Rules of Body Worship 101


That’s when I sat down, still fully clothed and told them that they could caress and kiss my skin. I even told them that they were allowed to kiss ALLLLL the way up my pussy, but that they were not to touch my pussy or my tits without permission. That was the first rule of body worship 101 that they had to learn.

They were blushing as their cocks started to get hard just from performing Mistress body worship. As they got closer to my pussy, their dicks sprang fully to attention, but this was the lesson they had to learn. They had to learn that they MUST please a woman to keep her happy, all the while ignoring their own cocks.

These boys would spend uncounted hours worshipping my body before I ever allowed them to lick and kiss my pussy. When the time was right and they were aching from arousal, I would have them lie down so that I could straddle their face for some queening and allow them to perform pussy worship.

They would lap eagerly at my pussy, wanting to bring me to orgasm so badly and loving the taste of my sweet pussy. They just could not get enough of body worship 101 with me after that!