Human Furniture: You Are the Best Furniture


I love to turn my submissive men into human furniture. I’m sitting on a slave-made office chair right now as I write this. With the right tools and the right slaves, human furniture can be sexy and fun. I got into human furniture soon after I started being a Mistress. I love being a Mistress in general for a lot of reasons.

One of the first reasons I loved the BDSM lifestyle was that it showed me a different side of life that you wouldn’t necessarily learn by going to college. I wanted to be sexually uninhibited and free. I wanted to learn everything there was to know about the different kinds of sexual expression. So I majored in psychology in college and joined a BDSM group.


Human Furniture: I Had To Try It


From the moment I heard about human furniture, I knew I had to try it. So I told the first slave I had that he would be my coffee table. He wasn’t happy with the notion, but he complied with my order without me having to get physical with him. First, I dressed him in all leather straps and a cock cage.

He had a ball gag to keep him quite because I wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t start to whine when he got tired. I made sure that I had a long leash attached to his collar so that I could pull on it if he moved around too much. I trained him in private for several months. He learned to be still and silent for hours at a time.

If he managed to be in the same position without moving for the length of time allotted, I rewarded him with a short face sitting session. I did the sitting of course. I allowed him to pleasure me, but not for long and most certainly not without his cock cage firmly locked in place.


My Friends Loved It Too


Finally, I decided that it was time for me to show my slave off to my friends. I hosted a party for the local BDSM community. It was on a Saturday and started midafternoon and lasted for eight hours. I’m proud to say that my slave made it through that party with no major problems.

The community was so impressed that they all took turns sitting on my new, “custom coffee table”. By the end of the night, my slave was exhausted, but thrilled that he had performed to my satisfaction.

After the success I had with that first slave, I began to branch out with other slaves being more complex furniture. I have had slaves that were lamps, desks, and even dining room tables and chairs. To achieve the stability to have an entire meal on a slave, I lined up five obedient slaves and covered their kneeling forms with a large piece of ply board.

I have done this several times since that first time and have refined it to an art form. Now, instead of bare, ugly ply board, I now have a beautiful piece of thick, polished cherry wood. I also have changed it to where the slaves stand at certain points around the wood and hold it up with their hands.

They now stand naked except for ball gags for silence and cock cages for chastity and an additional layer of control. I can now have an entire gourmet meal using six slaves and the cherry wood top without a single mishap or problem. Add six more properly trained and obedient slaves and I have a beautiful set of dining chairs for my guests.

My guests are always fascinated and curious about how I achieve such feats of architecture and contortion. I just smile and say that my success is the mark of an excellent Mistress.


Human Office Chair


So I’m back to my human office chair. This slave I am very careful with because I don’t wish to endanger his life by compromising his breathing. He doesn’t wear a ball gag because he is my personal favorite, he’s never even tried to use his safe word.

The cock cage would be difficult for me to sit on comfortably, even with cushions, so my chosen slave wears only a body suit. He has been sternly instructed not to get hard as I sit and move around on his cock. He hasn’t yet.

His time as my special chair will be over if his cock ever does deem to raise its head. I hope that it never decides to, because a great office chair is hard to find these days.