Taking on a New Body Worship Submissive


A few years ago, I agreed to meet a man who wanted to be a body worship submissive. I was between free lance jobs and had the time to take another sub to train, so I was more than happy to have an eager, new sub teach and dominate to my heart’s content. The two of us sat at a local bar, quietly working out what we each wanted out of this relationship.

He had never been a body worship submissive for a Mistress before so he was unsure how to say what he wanted and what limits, if any, he needed. I asked him questions about what he wanted and what he found arousing. Then he asked me shyly, “What do you like Mistress?” I told him that I loved face sitting and that I required every body worship submissive to be able and willing to do it on a moment’s notice without complaint. I was surprised when he gave me a blank look and asked me what I was talking about. I laughed loudly at that and told him that I would tell him about it later and show him too.

At our next meeting I explained what the term face sitting meant. He became excited and wanted to try it with me immediately. I told him that his enthusiasm was to be commended but I told him that there were many things that he would have to learn about being a good and obedient body worship submissive before he would have the privilege of doing that with me. He was disappointed, but told me that he would learn everything including the art of face sitting.

Over the next few months he did learn fast but wasn’t able to train as much as he wanted because of his day job. He was a businessman in New York City and was gone much of the first months of his training. He had told me that this might happen before I had agreed to take him on as a sub, so I couldn’t be too upset. I continued his instruction online and over the phone, but there were some things that I felt had to be experienced in order to be learned properly. I tested his limits in the times he was with me to see if he would be disobedient. But through all of it, he was a respectful, if a little impatient, sub.


Teaching Him about Face Sitting


Finally the day came when he was a full-fledged sub. I told him that he was ready to learn about what face sitting was and what I would demand of him during this activity. I told him that I used a smother box to start learning slaves out with because it ensures that he would be able to breathe during the exercise. He was disappointed that I was going to use the box for face sitting instead of just flat out sitting on his face. I told him curtly that this was just to begin. After he learned how to do what I demanded of him, we would explore other forms of face sitting.

I showed him the box I used. It was a box with a hole in the top where I would sit to receive my pleasure from him. I told him to lie down and slide his head into the side opening first. I wanted him to get used to the way it felt to be in the box because I didn’t want him to be claustrophobic. That wouldn’t do either of us any good. He assured me that he wouldn’t have any trouble in that way, but I still made him try it without me sitting on it first. True to his word, he did fine. So we proceeded with the rest of the face sitting exercise.


An Amazing Erotic Experience


As it turned out, he did very well. His first try in the smother box was very satisfactory indeed. I shiver with the memory of it. He got better at face sitting every time we tried it and soon I was sure enough of his ability to do the activity without the smother box. This is a rare thing for me to do with a sub because of the highly intimate nature of face sitting. But I decided to let him try and he didn’t disappoint me in the least.

I’m glad that I decided to take a chance on a new, untrained sub. Teaching the ways to please me, his Mistress was quite an adventure in the erotic for both of us!


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