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I have to tell you, I love my furniture to breathe! There is just something about having you on your back and me resting my tired feet, right there on your face. I don't know, it just seems so nice and cozy, and to feel the warmth of your breath on my skin is so comforting. Of course it goes against what we may have been taught about not playing on the furniture. But rules are made to be broken right? Using you as my foot stool brings me so much pleasure and relaxation, not to mention the mental thrill I get out of the whole thing. It does seem to amuse me and put a smile on my face, and that's a good thing! Well I do love a nice comfortable chair to sit on and kick my feet up. Queening is one of my favorite things to do. It has nothing to do with sex, it is all about control and submission! When you feel the weight of my sexy ass on your face you will know that I'm running the show and that you are just a thing, an object, to me. Nothing less and nothing more. I will be right there talking on the phone, filing my nails, and even reading a good book. I will not be talking to you unless it is to tell you how pathetic you are! So how does it feel to be my breathing furniture? Trust me, you will love the way my soft feet feel on your face, back, and chest, when I use you for my comfort. Knowing how you love to serve me, this should make you very happy and make you feel needed. You're needed all right, for me to get comfy. And that's the only reason I will have you around. Once again, what did I say? I LOVE MY FURNITURE TO BREATHE.