Be My Throne: Where Our Place Is On Your Face! Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+



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You are obsessed with women's asses. Admit it, and you'll be happier. Admit that you stare, and you lick your lips, and you think to yourself how wonderful it would be if you could just kneel, or better yet, lay, perfectly still and composed, and have that wonderful ass, that sweet pussy descend towards your waiting face.

You want it, need it, think about it constantly. My ass, my pussy, covering your face, your mouth, your chin, enclosing you, encompassing you, becoming your entire world...

I'd love to feel you under me, squirming and wriggling, inspiring me to wriggle about myself. Grind myself down on your mouth and chin, use you as a toy, a special seat just for my pleasures. I could use my toned glutes to control your entire world, to define your boundaries and set new limits to your existence. You would be encompassed entirely by my ass, my pussy, my sweet thighs.

You were meant to be my throne, my perch, the seat from which I survey and rule my kingdom. You know it, I know it, now we should experience it, together.