Be My Throne: Where Our Place Is On Your Face! Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+



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Ownership has its privileges, and there are few I enjoy exploiting more than making use of my human furniture.

You will stay absolutely still, naked on your hands and knees before my vanity table. The heat from my pretty little honey pot and velvety, firm ass will caress the skin of your back through the thin material of my panties as I apply my makeup in the morning. I'll keep those swollen, denied balls attached by a chain to the collar around your neck. It will help you maintain the perfect position and degree of mental attentiveness.

Your face will make a convenient place to perch as I take off my stilettos at the end of a busy day. Wait for me, slave, sitting back on your heels just inside the door. I know what kind of slut you are, and I take for granted that you will inhale deeply for those few moments, precious to you, that your nose is sandwiched between the cheeks of my ass.

If you are good, and maintain vigilance during these more mundane times, you just may serve the duty you covet the most as an all-purpose throne - to have your servile face used as a human Sybian. To feel my nectar glazing it as I straddle and grind, from my pretty little rosebud to my throbbing clit. I will be heedless of whether or not you can breathe, seeking my own enjoyment. With a word, "lick", you will activate the clitoral stimulation feature of my favorite sex toy, and stick out your tongue as my bucks and grinds become deeper and faster. And if you are good, you will know privilege as well, in the electric, silky convulsing of my orgasm.