Be My Throne: Where Our Place Is On Your Face! Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+



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You are My throne. What does that mean? Just in case there is any doubt, I will spell it out for you. I am a dominant Goddess. I was made to be worshiped. You are a submissive. Your job is to worship Me, worship My body. With that comes worshiping Me orally as I sit on your face. While it is true, you could technically provide oral worship from a number of other positions, I prefer sitting on your face, as it establishes My superiority over you.

I know it can be difficult to breathe with My weight on your face, but that's not really My concern. My concern is that that face and tongue keep moving while you worship My ass and maybe even My pussy, if you are lucky. Don't worry, I will allow you to come up for air occasionally! I will say, though, I do so love watching you squirm for a bit before I give you a breather.

In addition to being My throne for facesitting purposes, I also enjoy using you as human furniture. You may be expected to be My chair, on which I sit for hours reading a book, or My coffee table, on which I prop My feet. Again, the purpose here is to establish My superiority over you and remind you who is in control. As My human furniture, I expect you to remain perfectly still, no matter what. I don't care that your muscles are cramping. I don't care that you are getting tired. Or hungry. Or sleepy. My only concern is that you provide a stable chair or table that suits My needs.

Are you prepared to be My throne?