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It's Queen Cecilia here and I know who you are. You are nothing but an object, a throne for Me to sit on.

The history of queening is ancient, dating back to Egyptian hieroglyphics where the man is seen giving oral pleasure to the woman with his nose, tongue and lips. The courts of ancient China also used slaves for the pleasuring the ladies and submissives in India and Japan also used their mouth for the sole delight of their Mistress. The same was found in the Medieval period - pages would provide service to their Mistresses under their elegant dresses as their husbands were away at battle!

In the 21st century times haven't changed: the long line of female superiority still reigns and I am now your Queen. You will worship Me either through use of a Queening Throne or Me simply sitting on your face, or maybe I will put you in a smotherbox.

For those of you who don't know what a smotherbox is, it is a piece of furniture similar to the queening stool with two openings: one for your head and one for My DIVINE pussy. The smotherbox also prevents your head from moving, so that you have NO choice but to pleasure Me. I will let you out when I've finished with you. * Wicked Grin *

So, my new Queening Slave, you've learned a lot today in the school of Queening and now you will get into position and pleasure My heavenly, delectable pussy!