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People who have certain types of refined tastes always prefer the finer things in life. Queens, for example, are one of these types of people. Queens like, oh, I don't

And Queens, including me, do so love to sit upon their thrones, don't they? Well, here's the thing about thrones. They're actually very rare, which makes them such prized possessions once a Queen finally has one of her own. Really, how often do you go shopping for furniture and find a throne? Pretty much never, right?

And would you like to know the rarest of all thrones? It's a person. A man, usually. A man with the kind of face a woman just loves to use as her throne. The kind of man who's made for queening for a Queen.

It might sound like an easy task, to just lie still and let a woman sit on your face, but there's really a lot more to it than that. You have to be *really* good at the "perfectly still" part, for one. You wouldn't want to throw your Queen off like a bucking bronco or something, would you?

Another thing that's also important in a facesitting session fit for a Queen is your body worship skills. More specifically your pussy and ass worship skills. I may as well just sit on a stool as sit on the face of a man who has no idea what he's doing when he has a woman on top of him.

But don't despair. If you haven't learned yet, I'll teach you. I'm a generous Queen, after all!