Be My Throne: Where Our Place Is On Your Face! Brought To You By LDW Group
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I am Princess Britany, and every princess demands a throne. I love to have my beautiful ass worshiped and adored. Sitting on your face is your delight as well, princess scents are the most delectable in all the world, especially when I demand this way and that way, harder or softer, and you had better do it right or else.

Body worship reaches the top of the list with ass worship. Imagine a princess chatting on the phone while she sits on your face, filing her nails, using your torso as she types on her lap top. These are just casual things, and if you could imagine a more elaborate play setting, imagine yourself inside a throne with your head in worship position. Imagine being in a parade of worshipers serving the princess and her dominant friends.

Ass worship has the versatility that all Mistresses love. Being on my knees with an ass slut behind me makes him double humiliated. You are deprived of looking at the beauty of Mistress as she smiles down at you. Your attention is focused on that asshole, and if you are lucky, your nose will be up her ass and your mouth given the opportunity to lick that sweet pussy. Now how in the world will you breath?

It really does not matter, it is all about princess and her pleasures. You are just a little bottom feeder at the service of a goddess who knows all about choosing the best and the brightest of thrones. Now just be proud and be grateful for the chance to serve.