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Femdom Rules For Being An Oral Slave

by Ms. Christine of

If your Mistress considers you worthy enough to be her oral slave and to worship her so intimately,then you should remember these rules:

1. Consider Being Her Oral Slave A Privilege And Honor

It is after all. You may not be very good at it, and she may have any number of other lovers who could rock her world right now, but she’s allowing you to serve her. Cherish that and listen to everything she tells you, so you might bring her the pleasure she deserves.

2. Always Be Ready, Eager And Willing To Take Your Oral Slave Position

You should always be close at hand and prepared to serve her in any way and as much as she likes, at anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances. Remember number 1? It’s a privilege and an honor, and if you say no, you might never get this offer again!

3. Consider Your Oral Slave Service Your Only Sexual Outlet

When it comes to a real women, cunnilingus is the only sex you’re ever going to have from here on. Your dick is too small to ever please a woman, so you’d be better off spending your time perfecting that mouth and tongue action!

4. Never Expect Anything In Return

And certainly do not demand any sexual favors in return, you are just an oral slave after all. Nothing puts me off more than when I’m sitting on some guys face and he asks me to start stroking his cock. This isn’t about your pleasure, it’s about mine. If I want to tease you I will. If I just want to enjoy the ride, accept it.

5. Absolutely Never Under Any Circumstances Is An Oral Slave To Ejaculate Without Her Explicit Permission.

Do not masturbate or play with yourself while serving her orally, unless she wants you to. Remember, she controls your cock. It’s not really yours anymore, it’s hers. Whenever you think about losing control, beg her to help you, maybe she will help you out. Perhaps she'll give your balls a nice hard squeeze and that little dick a few tugs. But don't forget, it is YOUR duty to signal it to her early enough to avoid unauthorized orgasms.

6. Eating Your Own Cum Definitely Falls Under Oral Slave Service

Well, if she’s granted you release that is. You might be thinking that I’m talking about creampies, or licking the cum from her body, but I mean anything at all that spills from HER cock.

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7. Always Express The Utmost Respect When In Oral Service Of A Woman

During any form of oral service you are always expected to perform completely naked, kneeling in front of her and ready to serve. This applies even if you are only required to tongue clean the soles of her shoes or kiss her feet!

8. Never Touch Her With Your Slave Hands

And keep your hands firmly behind your back at all times while serving her orally, unless instructed by her to use your hands in any other way. This is about training your mouth, lips and tongue to give her amazing pleasure.

9. Always Follow Her Wishes And Instructions As An Oral Slave In A Prompt And Eager Fashion

No matter how much discomfort or humiliation it may cause you, never deviate from her commands. And never stop until she tells you to, pushes you away, or simply gets off you.

10. You Are An Oral Slave To Her And Her Control

The presence of another women – whether they are fellow Femdoms, switches or your Mistress’ submissive - does not change any of the above rules. When you are required to serve them, you should perform with equal eagerness and passion. And of course you should be fully naked and kneeling in front of them, willingly enduring the humiliation it may cause you being exposed, paraded or shown off in front of other women.

11. Your Mistress Is Always Free To Offer Your Oral Slave Services To Other Women

If she has trained you well, and you have become the expert cunnilinguist I know you should be, believe me she will offer you out! We Femdoms really love sharing pets who approach oral servitude with skill, enthusiasm and devotion.

Be My Throne Mistresses Currently Available