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Have you seen my ass? If not, you should. Look at my blog pics ( and take a gander. When you do, you will BEG to be my throne!

In the meantime, know that my ass is fantastic! And I know you would love to have me balancing on you with it. Wouldn't you? Imagine a pretty Latina ass, perched on your back for a couple of hours while I file my nails or paint my toenails. It would be delicious for you to struggle to stay in place while I lean forward to polish my nails. What's so fun for me is the way you teeter whenever I readjust my position. If you don't stay still, I can smack your ass easily. Can't you just feel my Mistress-y smacks on your bare butt? I know I would have a dandy time giving you some fun punishment. Just how long do you think it would take before you got a spanking while I was perched on your back?

Maybe you could be my stiff Merry-Go-Round carriage. I could sit on you as you try to keep me from falling while you walk around in a circle as I play Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" on Spotify. Did I say stiff? What would be stiff, darlin'? I bet your cock would! You do get off on being a throne for a Mistress, don't you? I will put that to a test.

Orrrr, what if I chose to use your face as my throne? How fun would that be for both of us? You know that if I did that, it would be a major reward for you if you were to be my throne in other positions first. I couldn't just give you my pussy and asshole to make love to without having you serve me as my throne in other ways first. You know that though, right?

I have endless ways to create the throne of my dreams with your body. We could have some delightful fun, you and I.

Shall we?




Be My Throne Queening Phone Sex (800) 601-6975


Queening the Senses


Queening is known by a variety of terms such as face sitting, throning, or worship. While it can be performed from any number of positions, throning, in particular, is defined as a sexual practice wherein one partner sits on the other’s face to allow oral-to-genital contact for the purposes of sexual gratification. But it’s more involved than simply “going down” on someone.

It’s an experience for all senses. And while, yes, it does have ties to the BDSM world, and can be used for both pleasure and humiliation, it’s an act of service that transcends sexual roles.


Visual stimulation


We eat with our eyes long before we eat with our mouths. This can be said of any experience, but, in particular, when we talk about queening, it all begins with a visual. There’s that moment when your partner swings her leg over your head and begins to lower herself down when your vision is filled with nothing but her.

The swell of her thighs as they settle against your face is replaced by the curve of her ass cheeks. Your reality is zeroed down to her pussy and ass on luscious display before you in the small space allowed between your face and her body.


Queening: The Sound of Pussy Worship


In the darkness between her thighs, once her ass is over your face, the rest of your senses kick into overdrive. Sounds become more important because your vision is limited and you find, if you listen close enough, there’s a distinct sound to her arousal.

The subtle sound of her breath catching in her throat from the first time your tongue touches skin. The creak of the Queening stool as she adjusts herself for a better angle. The roar of your own arousal in your ears as your heart pounds in your chest.

These are the sounds that make up your world, trapped between her thighs. And once you start, the little moans and gasps she makes as your ass worshipping continues, you can use those queues to repeat or avoid doing things to enhance her arousal even more.


Touch me


Humas are tactile creatures. We love to touch and feel connected to the person we are intimate with. It’s why we want to hug our friends, kiss our lovers, hold hands with our family. But when it comes to a face sitting session, the types of touching are far more intense.

You know it feels good for you to be giving a rim job, but how much better is it when you can run your hands up along the outside of her thighs and feel the muscles flexing every time she grinds her hips down?

Or, if you’re very lucky, to feel her touching you as you worship her pussy. The light caress of her hands over YOUR skin as you eat her ass could be both a distraction and a bonus. This shared experience can enhance an already sexy moment.


Breathe In, Breathe Out


That musky scent accompanying her excitement fills your nose long before your first taste. Some would say they go hand-in-hand, but there’s something to be said about the indulgence of breathing it in. Like perfume, the aroma of her intimacy only enhances the overall experience.

Because of a lack of visualization, you can pick up the subtle notes of her desire by breathing deeply. Does her pussy smell sweet, like fruit, or savory, like warm spices? Can you drown yourself in the aroma and imagine the taste of it against your lips? Much like your hearing, because one sense is completely cutoff, you depend on your nose to find the bouquet of her genitals.


The Taste


One would think it’s almost an afterthought, especially since the rest of your senses are so overwhelmed, but once you get that taste on your tongue, there’s no denying the pure eroticism of your service to her.

Pussy worship and ass worship, or both, is about the warm touch of skin to skin contact. It’s a devotion to your partner in giving them a truly decadent experience.


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