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A Queening And Creampie Feeding Story

My slave has a problem that affects many men. He's curious about eating cum. In fact, he wants to eat cum. At least until after he's shot his load. Once that happens, his interest wanes completely. After he's gotten off, he just wants to roll over and go to sleep or go back to doing whatever he was doing before he got horny or whatever.

Now, a smart Femdom Mistress knows when to push things and when not to. I've known for a long time that he's been having a hard time coming to grips with his cum eating fantasy, so I've just left him to his own devices (mostly). That particular fantasy is one of those things that, if pushed too soon, can lead to a lifetime revulsion for it. I didn't want to do that, so I just waited.

Eventually, though, even the most patient of Mistresses gets tired of waiting. My slave seemed to have no desire to go forward with his fantasy. He was convinced that it would remain in fantasy world and never come out into the real world. I was convinced that I was going to prove him wrong!

How Could I Teach Him To Love Cum Eating?

I wracked my brains for several days, trying to figure out the best way to go about doing this. Finally, I decided on the perfect way and set my plans in motion.

That very night, I brought my slave into my bedroom. He didn't know it yet, but I was about to give him a special treat, one that he does not get very often. I was going to allow him the privilege of fucking his Femdom! Of course, I had an ulterior motive for doing so, but he didn't know that yet, either.

After I had him get me all warmed up with some oral service, I had him assume the position. You see, when I allow his penis to go inside me, I still want to be in total control of what's going on. That's why I make him lie on his back, so that I can crawl on top of him and ride his cock. Not that he minds. I think he loves being able to lie back and enjoy himself. And I love being able to control the speed, the depth, and everything else about our sexual encounter. The only thing he has to do is not cum until I give him permission to do so.

I had so much fun using him as my human dildo that night. I always enjoy it, of course, but I think knowing what was going to happen when I finished made it even sweeter. The fact that he had no idea what was going on was nice, too. I brought myself to several orgasms on his cock before I allowed him to cum for me. He shot a big load inside me, which I'd expected, as I'd been teasing him for a few days beforehand. It was all shaping up perfectly.

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Facesitting Facilitates Cum Eating

After he filled me up, I gave myself a few moments to recover, then I slid off his cock. Before he had time to react, I'd reversed positions and was sitting on his face! He was shocked because, while we've engaged in queening before, I've never sat on his face right after he's cum inside my pussy!

"Clean up my creampie," I commanded. Sure, it wasn't quite what most men have in mind when they think of creampies, but it was, in fact, a creampie.

He hesitated for the briefest moment, and then I felt the first tentative touch of his tongue. I could tell he didn't want to do it now that he'd cum, but he wasn't about to tell me no. As I fed him that hot creampie, I could sense a difference in him. Once he'd had his first taste of it, he wanted more! All it took was just a lap of his tongue to get him all revved up and ready to go again! He slurped at my pussy until I told him to stop, and I've never had a problem getting him to eat his own cum again.

And that, boys, is how Femdom body worship made a cum eating fantasy come true!

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