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Do you enjoy being a human throne? That is the only thing you are good for, loser. I will perch myself upon my throne and I will stay there for as long as I want to. You will do as I say. I am your Queen and you will worship me as I see fit, whenever I see fit. Understand? Good.

Have you ever seen a more perfect pussy and ass? I didn't think so. Do you even know how lucky you are to even be able to touch me? To be able to lick and worship my gorgeous pussy and ass? So many men have begged for the chance to be my human throne, but you are the lucky one.

Your place in life is underneath me and that is where you are going to stay. You'll lick my pussy and please me whenever I tell you to. You will tongue my asshole and worship it like a good boy whenever I desire it. And when you are done, you will thank me for the privilege of doing so.

You want to know one of my favorite times to sit on your face? I'm sure you can guess, but I love sitting on your face when my pussy is full of cum. I love having that hot creampie drip out of my pussy right into your mouth.

I probably wouldn't even tell you about it. I'll just climb onto your face and let you discover that I have a warm creamy surprise for you. Of course, even if you're hesitant to clean me up, you don't dare let me know. You are going to be a good human throne and lick me until every single drop of that cum is gone.

Are you ready to be my throne? Call me and submit. I am the only queening Mistress you will ever need.





Be My Throne Queening Phone Sex (800) 601-6975



It is a Privilege to be Mistress’s Throne


You do know, it is an absolute privilege to be earned, being Mistress’s throne, don’t you? Face sitting, smothering, queening, oral servitude…whatever you want to call it, every slave wants to do it. Oral servitude is one of the utmost privileges a Mistress can offer you.

Dominant women have droves of men clamoring for their attention, so consider yourself honored by an invitation to be your Mistress’ throne. After all, what slave doesn’t dream of ass worship and oral servitude? Many may dream of it, but only few are lucky enough to fulfill the role of a throne.

Being a proper throne is not easy, nor should it be. Acting as a pussy and ass worshiping throne for your Mistress is an act of supplication—one that requires exceptional endurance. After all, you might be acting as a throne for hours. Can your tongue handle hours of licking? Can your body handle an evening of staying entirely still? If not, then expect to undergo rigorous training as your Mistress shapes you into the perfect throne for her pleasure. It takes a lot of work and training to become Mistress’s throne!


Mistress’s Throne: Give Your Tongue A Purpose


Body worship is a slave’s opportunity to show his adoration and devotion for his Mistress. Acting as an oral servitude throne allows a slave to worship the ass and pussy of his Mistress as an act of service and supplication. When you’re in position as a throne, use your tongue to impress your Mistress. Ass and pussy worship are ostensibly the most intimate forms of body worship, so skillfully please your Mistress in appreciation of such privilege.


Become Objectified As My Human Furniture


Without a doubt, being an oral servitude throne is a slave’s dream. However, your Mistress might decide to turn you into a literal throne. If your Mistress is feeling insidious and teasing, she might simply turn you into a piece of furniture. She will turn you into a piece of human furniture for her enjoyment, and you will be expected to remain exceptionally still.

Imagine a dinner party hosted by your Mistress where every chair at the dining table is replaced by human furniture. As the women enjoy themselves over drinks and food, you must struggle to stay still as you act as one of a dozen human furniture thrones.


Taste The Humiliation of Objectification


Reducing you to little more than a stool can be an exercise in humiliation. Imagine being stripped of all personhood and treated as a nameless, faceless piece of furniture. For those who delight in psychological humiliation, it can be intensely erotic to be ignored and used as a piece of human furniture.

Your Mistress might sit on your face, place her laptop on your stomach, and use your mouth as a comfortable cushion as she browses lingerie or writes a blog post. Your Mistress might also order you on your hands and knees and use your back as a chair as she watches a movie. Can your hands and knees handle the role of a human throne? More importantly, can your ego?


If you have what it takes, become a throne today. Give one of our Femdom Mistresses a call!