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Interview With A Queen

Oh yes, this is an interview with a Queen. A true Mistress Queen who not only has a throne to sit on, but one that is human and ready to serve her in any way at any time. Her perfectly beautiful behind perched on your face is heavenly to a chair that was once just a human. This is a special interview one of our Queening Mistresses agreed to do just for Be My Throne. She didn’t give away any secrets to how she gets men to beg to be her furniture, but all you have to do to figure that out is look at any of the beautiful and intelligent women here and you’ll know. She did tell me what she loves about it and how she started out sitting on and using men as furniture. Want to know?

What do you love most about human furniture?

This is difficult because there are so many things I adore about using my slaves as furniture. Training them is one of my favorite parts, because they don’t expect you. Men seem to think that they can just bend down and miraculously be perfect foot stools, tables or chairs, but that is not the case. In fact, it takes a lot of preparation and endurance because I am not going to tolerate moving furniture. So I have to train them. First, I let them see an already trained slave, bending and twisting to get into the perfect position to make me comfortable. After that, I explain to them that this chair will hold still until I decide to get up. This may be moments, or I may decide to take some other phone sessions and require the chair for hours. I may also need to be serviced by my throne and mmm, training a slave on the proper oral technique takes lots of time and I love all the practice.

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What is your least favorite thing?

My very least favorite thing, or actually the one thing I cannot and will not tolerate! That is complaining and wiggling. If you are going to present yourself to me as a chair I can sit upon and relax then you must learn not only be silent, but to hold very still. If I must wriggle about to be comfortable, it is up to you to hold very very still, until I am settled. When you whine. I get annoyed. Then I get bored. Then I leave. This ruins my fun and your fun as well.

When did you have your first Queening experience?

It happened quite by accident. I was horsing around with a boyfriend I had in college and told him my desk chair wasn’t nearly as comfortable as his lap, so he should be my chair. He laughed and we tried it. Of course lap isn’t a good position, but we found that on his hands and knees with me sitting on his back, was excellent. We then experimented with other positions and I’ll admit my favorite is face sitting with my panties off. It was then and it still is the ultimate in control for me.

How do you decide who should be what furniture?

This is mostly decided by what position is best for the body type of the slave. Some are just small and meant to be foot stools or rugs. Others work well with a partner and convert into the perfect table or desk. Some know just what to do with their body and their tongue and make for a perfect face sitting chair or chair cushion. Others are a bit soft and are excellent recliners. It’s only bad when the perfect body type for say a foot stool tries desperately to be a chair. That’s just uncomfortable and something I’m forced to veto.

Smother boxes. Do you like them and use them or not?

They are just extra mess to move about. I prefer the pure ass to face sitting or skin to skin of any type. Boxes might as well be regular furniture and that defeats the purpose of using humans as my furniture and makes me feel as though I might as well just stick with an actual table.

Do you use face sitting for oral stimulation?

Of course! Any woman would! What’s the point of face sitting or even smothering if you aren’t doing something active and naughty with your tongue! And the answer to your final question “Does having a human throne make you feel like a Queen?” Yes it does! Though I am a Domination Queen all the time so it’s not surprising it would!

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